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Ethical phishing OutKept joins the co-working space

We are excited to announce a new resident to our co-working community. Welcome, OutKept!

OutKept offers phishing prevention for organisations. They execute the highest quality phishing simulation campaigns, supported by a community of ethical phishers, to build awareness, and maintain alertness. Via their platform, ethical phishers help organisations that seek to protect themselves safely and confidentially.

Their phishing simulations benefit organisations in 3 ways: Increase general awareness and knowledge of phishing, train people to have the right reflexes when encountering phishing emails, and boost alertness to phishing attempts continuously. Phishing awareness takes time to build. Therefore they offer simulation campaigns in an as-a-service formula: Low fees per user and regular phishing simulation mail for protection all year round.

Their phishing mails are ethically sourced: they do not use a fixed set of phishing mail templates but leverage a community of ethical phishers who are rewarded through a bounty system. With this, they ensure the most contemporary techniques and simulate the most dangerous attacks. Their platform acts as a wall and filter between organisations and ethical, social engineers: we protect data and anonymity while allowing for the highest quality simulations. The platform enables organisations to test and improve awareness and phishing vulnerability without the risk of suffering any actual damages.

We are happy with OutKept to join the community! To introduce ourselves: OutKept, founded by Dieter Tinel and Simon Bauwens, helps companies to better protect themselves against phishing, as well as other threats that come through the mailbox, such as viruses or ransomware. We train people with very realistic phishing simulation campaigns offered in a SaaS model. Thanks to our campaigns, the intention is that people no longer click on suspicious links or enter data on fake websites. Our “secret sauce” collaborates with ethical phishers who deliver the phishing simulation emails via our platform.

In addition to the simulation campaigns, we also started developing software that uses A.I. analysis should help people to see more quickly whether an email is phishing or otherwise misleading. We hope to be able to spar about this regularly with other members from the home of the A.I. community.

Dieter Tinel & Simon Bauwens, Founders OutKept