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The ‘Home of AI’ pushes AI technology adoption in Flanders by offering an inspiring co-working space to innovative start-up companies where they can lay the foundations of successful AI products.

What is Home of AI

We offer you an opportunity to meet AI experts and seasoned entrepreneurs. These informal talks can lay the foundations of your future success. Just come over and use a desk and feel at home. You will find fellow entrepreneurs, investors and technical AI experts from ML2GROW to talk to you when you need them. Furthermore, we regularly organize events to get you inspired.

The Home of AI is a house full of:

Enthusiast community members

A vibrant co-working space where AI innovative start-up companies work to create their offering and can exchange ideas and thoughts with their peers that are in a similar growth stadium.

Technical experts and inspiring talks

A venue where inspiring events are organized that demonstrates the game-changing impact of AI technology by forerunners in the field.

Funding and Growth Opportunities

A place where match-makings between investors, technical experts and entrepreneurs are made possible in a relaxed atmosphere.

Discover your new Home

We are located in the heart of Ghent. Next to the Sint-Pieters train station. The location is an old industrial site that has been transformed into an office. The place is oozing with charm. A great benefit when you are inviting clients or investors.

Requirements to join

AI Technology

The start-up is using AI technology in their (product) offering.

Have a clear plan

The start-up can demonstrate a clear plan or initiative to acquire the necessary funding for their development pipeline
(e.g. by procuring investments, loans or innovation/development subsidies)

Not a consulting firm

The start-up is not aiming to be a consulting or services company.

What we offer

Access to a vibrant co-working space

Free & full access to co-working space during office hours and weekdays. You don’t need to work in your kitchen ever again. Except if you’re a chef.

Internet & printing access

Free internet and printing access so you can show us your crazy ideas 24/7.

Delicious coffee

We have the best coffee machine in the neighbourhood. Taste it for yourself!


Liesbeth Van Hauwermeiren
Co-Founder Spinewise

“Home of AI gave us the space to fully develop ourselves and gave valuable advice at every step we took.”

Baptiste Graillot
Co-Founder Hinged

“We loved how open everyone was. It didn’t feel like an office. We appreciated the sound-proof phone booths for our meetings.”

Simon Bauwens
Co-Founder OutKept

The workspace has a slick industrial vibe and is ideally located close to the station, with lots of food & drinks nearby. Overall great vibe for focus & inspiration!”

Joshua Hulpiau
Founder Nebulae

“The Home of AI is a great community to work with, with intelligent people who are very friendly, approachable and willing to give you advice on your startup or any (technical) challenges you might have. They even shared interesting business leads with us.”

Current residents


Interested to join? Send us a message!